We've seen it happen again and again. Hosts will invite Dr. Wallach on for a one hour interview, only to find the phones lit up with more and more callers by the minute.  Dr. Wallach can easily fill two hours, with more and more listeners toward the end of the show. If you're looking for audience engagement, if you're interested in the sort of time spent listening that affects ratings, don't pass up the opportunity to interview Dr. Wallach.
"A Doc Wallach Interview Is Magic! Book him and see for yourself."
- Michael Zwerling, Owner KSCO Santa Cruz
“Insightful and Helpful, Doc Wallach’s words of wisdom light up our phones like no other on my show”
- George Noory, Coast To Coast AM
Nothing lights up the phones
 like an interview with Dr. Wallach. 
Dr. Wallach Has A Powerful Message:
"You cannot get the nutrients you need from food. Give your body the nutrients it needs and you will experience optimal health and healing."
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